Hands of Alleviation Therapy

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Hands of Alleviation Services

Eyebrow tint: $15.00
Eyebrow wax: $15.00
Upper lip wax: $10.00
Chin wax: $15.00
* 3-in-1 services: $30.00 (save $10.00)
Each 60+ minute session combined service with massage or facials will receive a $5.00 discount.

Quick facial: $40.00
Cleanse twice, tone, mask, tone, moisturize, SPF sunscreen

Relaxing facial: $65.00
Cleanse twice, tone, massage, exfoliation, mask, serum, moisturize, SPF sunscreen

Upgrade facial: $95.00
Cleanse twice, tone, massage, exfoliation, skin scrubber, high frequency treatment, mask, serum, moisturizer, SPF sunscreen

Collagen neck mask: $20.00
Collagen under eye pad: $10.00
Acne skin zapping: $35.00
UV light treatment: $40.00

Chemi peels AHA: $50.00
PowerDerm Dermabrasion: $50.00
TCA peels: $70.00

Classic eyelash extensions: $150.00
Vegan Plant-based Gaea Lashes

Standard lash fill $60.00
Recommended every three weeks

Ultimate fill: $90.00

Eyelash removal: $30.00

Full set takes about 120 minutes
Standard Fill takes about 50 minutes
Ultimate fill takes about 90 minutes